Mar 24

CoinGate is a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies. We serve over 2,000 merchants globally, most of whom are based in Europe. Our primary business is to enable businesses to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method from their customers. We provide the software solutions, an order managing platform and act as a guarantor for transaction execution. UAB “Virtualios Valiutos” is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our team has been working on CoinGate since 2014, when we started of as a Bitcoin payment processor. Processing over €3m worth of payments monthly, we have grown 10x in less than a year and have even more ambitious goals for the upcoming future. Our team is less than 10 people, but we are continuously looking for new colleagues to share our knowledge about emerging Blockchain technology and wide horizons it brings. If you share the same passion – we invite you to join our microcosmos.