Startup Employee Visa

Startup Employee Visa is a migration procedure designed to facilitate attracting highly skilled workers from third countries to Lithuanian companies that create high added value and have great technological potential (start-ups). The purpose of the measure is to promote attracting, retaining, and integrating foreign talents in Lithuania. This program also aims to create a business environment that is favorable to innovative activities and developing a start-up ecosystem in Lithuania.

This procedure is open to all Lithuanian startups that:

  1. meet the official start-up definition. As defined under the law, a “start-up” is a micro or small enterprise with a large and innovation-based business development potential and registered in the Register of Legal Entities for up to 5 years”*.
  2. a start-up that seeks to hire a highly qualified professional must also be registered in the official start-up database of Startup Lithuania. If an innovative company meets the definition of a start-up but is not registered in the database, it should visit the official website and sign in by pressing a button “sign-in”. If you have any inquiries, please contact

The process of this program is as follows:

  1. Post a job ad on Lithuania Labor Exchange’s website. Wait for 5 days and get verified to hire a foreigner.
  2. Submit documents to Lithuania’s Labor Exchange to get issued a work permit for the employee. Documents need to be submitted physically. You can apply for a work permit on a few different grounds: regular qualification, high qualification – Blue Card, scarce profession (Together with High qualification) in Lithuania – Blue card. Don’t need to apply for the work permit in Lithuania’s Labor Exchange for this option. Go to step 3. (List of professions below)
  1. Employees can register to get a TRP simultaneously while waiting for the work permit.

Here’s how to book a meeting: -> For foreigners (choose your citizenship) -> I want to get a residence permit in Lithuania -> I want to receive a temporary residence permit -> Work -> (Regular qualification) I intend to work under an employment contract, my profession is not..; -> (High qualification) I am a high qualified employee (professional activity is not regulated and the decision of Employment service is needed.); -> (Scarce profession) I am a high qualified employee (professional activity is not regulated and the decision of Employment service is not needed.; And apply for a permit.

If you’re hiring a worker who is either Temporary or Works Remotely or is not a worker but an Intern, then you don’t need to post a job ad on Lithuania’s Labor Exchange website. You can skip step 1.

For a broader description, list of necessary documents and related questions reach out to

*Start-up definition, Article 2(16)