Startup Employee Visa

Startup Employee Visa is a migration procedure designed to facilitate attracting highly skilled workers from third countries to Lithuanian companies that create high added value and have great technological potential (start-ups). The purpose of the measure is to promote attracting, retaining and integrating foreign talents in Lithuania. This program also aims to creating a business environment that is favourable to innovative activities and developing a start-up ecosystem in Lithuania.

This procedure is open to all Lithuanian startups that:

· meet the official start-up definition. As defined under the law, a “start-up” is a micro or small enterprise with a large and innovation-based business development potential, and registered in the Register of Legal Entities for up to 5 years”*.

· a start-up that seeks to hire a highly qualified professional must also be registered in the official start-up database of Startup Lithuania. If an innovative company meets the definition of a start-up but is not registered in the database, it should visit the official website and sign in by pressing a button “sign in”. If you have any inquiries, please contact:

Companies that wish to hire a highly qualified employee from non-European countries using the programme Startup Employee Visa“ will be provided with a special Startup Lithuania certificate. Regarding the provision of the certificate please send an inquiry by e-mail to

This certificate confirms that a start-up meets all the requirements of the programme and may continue the facilitated employee migration procedure in the Migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania.

*Start-up definition, Article 2(16)