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Why Lithuania

Business Environment

Lithuania is committed to providing the best conditions possible to get your business up and running. That’s why we have one of the shortest turnaround times in the world for company registration and start up. We’re also committed to making sure that we put in place legislation that is not just business friendly, but business building. Just look at how the Bank of Lithuania has streamlined IBAN and SEPA processes to help the Fintech industry thrive.

EU-wide recognition of Lithuania’s acceleration in e-government solutions offers a one-stop-shop for public information and services for business, a fast online system for the registration and payment of taxes, allowing the taxpayers file all tax returns electronically.

Startup Environment

The startup scene grows rapidly. There are several large startup events, such as Startup Fair being the biggest with about 2000 visitors annually.

Vilnius Tech Park is the biggest startup hub in the Baltics and Nordics, with 9000 sq. m. of working space and 700+ employees in various organizations including startups, IT companies, accelerators and venture capital funds.

Startup Visa – Simplified immigration rules aimed to attract gifted and ambitious innovative startup founders from all around the world and help them set up and develop their startups in Lithuania.


Located at the crossroads of Western Europe, Northern Europe and the CIS, and with strong logistics infrastructure, Lithuania is an ideal hub for accessing EU markets. Plus, its location offers ideal timezone coverage for BPO operations in the EMEA region. With its fast and reliable physical and IT infrastructure, Lithuania is set up to deliver your business success.


We know that the Lithuanian language is not easy to master but do not worry – nearly everyone knows English and 50% of Lithuanians speak at least two foreign languages, which makes us the second most multilingual nation in the EU.


Lithuanian cities are compact and smart, cutting your commute times and making your everyday life more manageable. From apps to pay for parking through to smart public transport solutions like bike and car share, getting from A to B is a breeze. Plus, with world-beating public WiFi speeds, you’re connected wherever you go. Vilnius is ranked by the New York Times alongside Copenhagen, Barcelona and Cape Town as a hip and well managed place to live.

Also our beautiful wildlife is complemented with countless lakes, forests, rivers and even sand dunes. Our towns are amongst the most green cities in EU and we are breathing one of the cleanest air. Wherever you may find yourself, you will always be surrounded by well-preserved nature.

Startup Visa

What is the “Startup Visa”

The Startup Visa is a new talent attraction scheme that provides a streamlined entry process to the Lithuanian startup ecosystem for innovative non-EU entrepreneurs to build, grow and compete in our booming international community. Designed for innovative startup founders who wish to establish a startup in Lithuania, you no longer need to fulfill certain capital or employment requirements to obtain a residence permit. If your business idea is deemed suitable by our panel of experts, you will be able to apply for a temporary residence permit on such basis.

What Do You Get

The Startup Visa gives you access to a streamlined migration procedure in claiming a temporary residence permit in Lithuania. A temporary residence permit will allow you to live in the country for one year, with the possibility to extend for an additional year. You will also be allowed to bring along your family. After the 2 years, in order to stay in Lithuania, you will have to fulfill regular immigration requirements.

Meet the Team

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Head of Startup Lithuania
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Startup Ecosystem Development Manager
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Startup Visa Manager
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Head of Communications