Covid guide

Find all the newest and most relevant information for your startup about COVID-19.

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Open calls for startups

In this section startups will find the newest information about open calls from Lithuanian governmental organizations or European Commision and other funding opportunities.

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Global startup accelerators

Global startup accelerators are fueling entrepreneurs and startups with supportive ecosystems and plenty of fresh funding. Find out the new possibilities that will lead you to success!


Tips & tricks for startups

Find the best tips and tricks to grow your startup! Guidance to ensure that innovators set out on the right track when starting to build their startup. If you want to grow your startup, check it out.

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Full scope professional guidance for startups

TGS Baltic UP HUB is an interactive platform, created for startups and FinTech companies to accelerate their businesses. Free legal consultations on various business development matters, wide investors network and professionally tailored templates of documents might be found at