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Startup Guide

It’s not enough for emerging startups to know their product inside out. It is also important to choose the right business model to find an audience for the product or service as well as attract investments and human resources that will help develop a successful startup. The Startup Guide is an ABC for new startups that systematizes all of the key information needed for the beginning of the development of an innovative business.

Startups for Startups

Startups for Startups is an initiative introduced by the startup community in 2018 to boost the number of startups in Lithuania. This is a platform where accomplished startups and specialists from different fields share their experiences and advice on legal issues, marketing, investment attraction and other pertinent startup topics.

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Full scope professional guidance for startups

TGS Baltic UP HUB is an interactive platform, created for startups and FinTech companies to accelerate their businesses. Free legal consultations on various business development matters, wide investors network and professionally tailored templates of documents might be found at