International startup competition “Startup Fair Pitch Battle” will take place in Lithuania
Aug 17

The startup competition “Startup Fair Pitch Battle”, which is organised for the 8th consecutive year, is back and invites the most promising Lithuanian and foreign startups to compete for the title of the best startup. On 25 September, during the “LOGIN” event, startups will have the opportunity to present their innovative businesses to the audience and the international experts.

“The startup competition is the main event for Lithuanian startups to present their idea on the stage, to receive attention from investors and maybe even attract investment. The event has also attracted the interest of foreign startups – last year, as many as 118 startups from 25 countries expressed a desire to take part in startup battles. So, this year we as well expect high involvement from the participants in the competition. We are pleased by the fact that we have adapted to the current situation and will enable those who will not be able to attend our event due to the COVID-19 pandemic to present their businesses remotely”, – says Roberta Rudokienė, the Head of the Startup ecosystem development unit “Startup Lithuania” of the Public Institution Enterprise Lithuania.

As in previous years, startups wishing to participate in the competition will have to register themselves on a special platform, and the expert panel will select which startups will be able to present their businesses on the big stage. Experts will evaluate the ideas and issues of a startup business, how the issues meet the current market needs and business models, as well as the composition of the team. It is planned that about 50 innovative businesses will present their business ideas during this year’s startup competition.  

A startup “Eddy Travels”, which is a virtual travel assistant, won the competition “Startup Fair Pitch Battle” in 2019. According to the developers, after the conference their business has grown significantly: the startup attracted additional investment and closed the EUR 1.1 million early-stage investment phase, and the number of users of their product has grown to 3 million worldwide. 

“Participating in the “Pitch Battle” competition was a fun experience. Thanks to all articles and mentions, the name of “Eddy Travels” was disseminated both in Lithuania and outside it, and this helped in finding new colleagues and partners. The prizes we have won also contributed to our further development. 

Ability to sell is probably the most crucial skill of startups and their founders. After all, we also make sales to future customers, team members, partners, investors and others. It is therefore particularly important to gain as much experience as possible in presenting our ideas and achievements to others. During such competitions, you can get great feedback, improve the story, and find better ways to engage the audience. And, most importantly, this is an excellent opportunity to present a startup to several dozens of potential investors in an extremely short amount of time, and these investors may become inseparable partners in the future “, – says Adomas Baltagalvis, the co-founder of startup “Eddy Travels”.

The competition of innovative businesses is a part of “Startup Fair “, the largest startup event in Lithuania, which for the 8th consecutive year is organised by the national startup ecosystem facilitator “Startup Lithuania”. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the startup battles are organised during the “LOGIN “event, while the rest of the “Startup Fair” activities, such as presentations, discussions, creative workshops on topics relevant to startups and B2B meetings with investors, are organised remotely. For more information about “Startup Fair” visit: