Entnest Offers Free Tool to Connect, Support and Stimulate Sustainable Innovation
Jun 18

An efficient and collaborative global entrepreneurship ecosystem is what Entnest promises. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the community includes entrepreneurs from over more than 50 countries. Now is the time for local, national and global unity and action. Apply here!

The current global challenge of the corona virus pandemic and its subsequent economic impact is causing a dramatic fall in stock prices, a rise in unemployment and a rise in the value of digital platforms. All over the world, physical meetings are being cancelled within a team, but also with customers, partners, mentors and investors. These need to be replaced by digital solutions to maintain communication and collaboration, both within and across silos. Entnest is committed to connecting, supporting and stimulating sustainable innovation, locally and globally.

How does it work?

Entnest is a professional and invite-only community, meaning that all of the members and content is curated to be of value to entrepreneurs, ventures and support organizations. Founder & CEO Johan Franzén uses the metaphor of Entnest being like a “virtual Swiss army knife”, in the sense that it is a single tool with a wide spectrum of relevant features, and very handy to have close by. Features include automatic matchmaking based on offers and needs, events with (video) conferencing technology, groups for discussions and action, a knowledge database, access to an international network of entrepreneurs, businesses and support organizations and more.

The benefits for support organizations

Support organizations refer to co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, corporate innovation programs, VCs, educational institutes, business networks, NGOs etc. Entnest allows these organizations to set up their own profiles with public and/or private groups, events, marketplace and space booking to manage their internal community. Beyond their own profile and communities, these support organizations also have access to the global network of entrepreneurs and other support organizations. As a whole, Entnest aggregates the entrepreneurship ecosystem into a curated and structured system to improve productivity and to make a bigger impact.

Why Entnest?

After 20 years in the corporate world, Johan embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey, but was surprised that there was no leading platform that assists entrepreneurs in their journey. “Today there are thousands (of separate) resources where entrepreneurs can find information and help. However, this causes noise and unproductivity. Unfortunately, entrepreneurship is more difficult than it should be. The number of entrepreneurs is increasing, but the number of successful entrepreneurs is not. Technology must be able to solve this problem, and Entnest is the solution.”