Baltic Sandbox Presents Women Investing In Tech: Inviting Female Business Angels
Nov 06

Baltic Sandbox introduces the fifth educational program for the business angel investors – Women Investing In Tech. This program is a special edition of the Business Angel Leaders that presents educational & networking sessions to the female business angels across CEE & Baltics.

From November 10 – December 10, a group of female angel investors will have an opportunity to learn from the European industry leaders, ranging from super angels & syndicate leaders to VCs’ representatives. Moreover, the 5-week program is fully remote and includes 12 evening training sessions & workshops that not only deepen the competencies of female angel investors in assessing startups & their ecosystem but also teaches the efficient syndicated investment methods.

This September, Baltic Sandbox presented a brand new tailored Business Angels School LitBAN edition that is a part of the Business Angel Leaders program, which has already graduated 52 angels from 4 different program editions. Even promising outcomes & results speak for themselves, the diversity challenge was faced, since out of 52 alumni, less than 10% were women.

The support of three startup and innovation ecosystem players – LitBAN, LatBAN and PitchDrive proves the relevance and necessity of the Women Investing In Tech program for the female angel investors who are willing to take the lead & invest in startups.

Why do we even bring this topic to the table?

It is important to not only spread the word about the Women Investing In Tech but also to dive deeper into the reasons for designing such a program for female angel investors.

First things first, the business angel network faces the diversity challenge. It is unquestionably nothing wrong to see so many charming gentlemen in the Baltic startup investment ecosystem but there are also plenty of fantastic women business angels who are keen on investing in technological solutions. Also, the number of Business Angel Leaders’ alumni, given above, speaks for itself. In this case, the Women Investing In Tech seeks to spark the needed diversity in the globe of business angels.

Furthermore, the different Baltic ecosystems are way too little to compete. For this reason, cooperation possibilities become a more relevant way for us. We see a rising interest in this type of educational program from Latvian and Estonian female business angels as well,” – said Sandra Golbreich, the CEO of Baltic Sandbox, and highlighted that the current startup investment ecosystem encourages the search for new collaboration opportunities. The program of the Women Investing In Tech connects female angel investors from all three Baltic countries.

Practise-based Women Investing In Tech program

The 5-week training program covered a wide range of business-angel-related topics, starting with startup evaluation framework & creation of strong angel investor’s profile, also continuing with workshops for startup-investor relation analysis, and finishing with special learning sessions for the framework of the syndicated deals. Additionally, training sessions were based on practical cases as well as highlighted by multiple fireside chats with European industry leaders and round tables with VCs. 

In collaboration with more than 20 field-professionals, the 5-week online program features a wide range of key business-angel-related themes such as evaluating the startup framework, creating a strong angel investor’s profile, analyzing startup-investor relation, and learning the framework of the syndicated deals.

Additionally, the practice-based program offers multiple roundtables & pitch events, where female angel investors can test frameworks on an instant basis. Also, by combining workshops & fireside chats with industry leaders, the Women Investing In Tech ensures a real experience to be put on the table.

During the program, female business angels will strengthen their network with Superangels, professional VC’s, and other essential ecosystem players across the Baltics & CEE.

Need of the Women Investing In Tech 

The startup investment ecosystem rapidly grows, as well as the diversity challenge & the need to invest in the knowledge of female business angels. 

Baltic Sandbox believes that it is essential to improve the competencies of female angel investors in startup assessment but also spark the needed diversity into the Business Angel World. 

Without saying, the program opens an opportunity to grow the network with Superangels, professional VC’s & other essential ecosystem players throughout Europe. 

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