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Keynotes From The Seminar On The Importance Of Global Thinking
Jan 15

Focusing on why, instead of what and how, looking for relevant ideas and be willing to list – these three keynotes can distinguish a successful global startup from the rest. Startup Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania organized the first educational seminar about the importance of global thinking for startups and wannabe startups on July 9th in Vilnius. Three experienced and well-established entrepreneurs came to present the recent trends in the startup world and the key elements that one needs to become successful.

Rockstart Founder & CEO Oscar Kneppers is a successful serial entrepreneur and a celebrated internet publisher, launching several cross-media brands since 1998 – that all focused on new media and technology. After selling his media businesses in 2002 and 2008, Oscar founded Rockstart accelerator in 2011. 

In the seminar, he presented the five mantras that can lead a startup to success:

  1. Step up. Start
  2. Team up. Do it
  3. Stop Talking. Start Building
  4. Learn. Pivot. Start over
  5. Keep up. Keep going

Watch this video for more advice from Oscar:

Founder and CEO of Nextury Ventures Ilja Laurs advised to look for relevant ideas. A serial entrepreneur since 1999, Ilja has launched over 10 successful projects prior to GetJar, as diverse as Lithuania’s largest hotel reservation system, mobile payments service MicroPay and mobile games studio Midas Mobile. Passionate about 3D photography, Ilja is also famous for his photo blog He suggested global thinking as a key strategy to building a successful startup in today’s market.

Ilja praised Lithuania for playing the top role in the following areas:

  1. E-city/ government
  2. Banking/ fintech
  3. Gaming
  4. Mobile

CEO of InsideWarehouse Tadas Deksnys was recently a participant in the accelerator program – the Alchemist. He spent over 10 years developing web-based solutions for successful eCommerce and Online businesses, founded His success story was built upon the convergence of Content, Community, and eCommerce, when they started pioneering a solution that turned user-generated content from social networks into actual sales. In the event, he emphasized the significance of aiming to become the top-pier communicator and discussed 7 things that great founders in Silicon Valley do (that good founder, unfortunately, don’t).

Tadas also presented how the change in one’s attitude can make a difference in this business:

  1. The background is not relevant
  2. Listening is the key
  3. I’m willing to unlearn things
  4. I’m willing to ask for help

Overall, the keynote of the event was to come up with ideas that could bring meaning to this world. Attendees were encouraged to not only think about the global market from an entrepreneurial point of view but also take a consumer’s look at what else is needed.