KITA X LG H&H Open Innovation (For International Startups)


KITA jointly hosts an Open Innovation Program between LG Household & Healthcare, the biggest cosmetics & healthcare company of South Korea and international startups in the ‘Bio/healthcare Industry’.

LG H&H seeks to collaborate with startups with following areas:

A. Companies that have or are preparing regenerative organic certification;

  • Companies that deal with farms, raw materials, and ingredients for food, beauty and personal care products;
  • Companies that have organic certification.

B. Microbiome (skin, gut, etc.) and beauty-related genetic diagnosis/analysis/differentiated business model;

C. Research on skin immunity-related efficacy evaluation method (lactic acid bacteria new function research);

D. Research on eco-friendly cosmetic raw materials such as bio-surfactant/ethanol.

Benefit for selected startups:

  • Joint Research / Commercialization;
  • Equity Investments by LG H&H;
  • Access to the information and DB that affiliated companies of LG hold;
  • Specific benefits will be discussed at the business meeting between the selected startups and LG H&H.

Application form: 

Deadline for Applications: 2021-10-31