Start-ups Meet Pharma

Innovation in Health (fmr EIT Health Germany)

Program: Start-ups Meet Pharma (Accelerator)
Program targets: Incorporated companies with a product or technology that addresses the challenges released. At least, a prototype of the solution should exist. There are no further specific requirements in terms of Technology Readiness Level (TLR), sales, minimum investment attracted, or country of registration. The main selection criteria is product-challenge fit.
Challenges of 2023:
1. Disruptive solutions for early disease identification and lack of quality of care for systemic lupus erythematosus (GSK)
2. Development of a non-invasive tool/device for monitoring the health status of the gut microbiome (Abbot)
3. Improving Clinical Decision Support Systems in Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (Takeda)
Opportunities: One-on-one access to your pharma companies, allowing you to develop relationships with key stakeholders and industry leaders. No equity. No IP involvement. No bureaucracy.
Submission of applications: till 16-04-2023
More information:
Angela Guszto

Deadline for Applications: 16th April 2023