Next20 startup program

tmforum | Copenhagen, Denmark

The Next20 startup program connects startups with communication service providers (CSPs) and technology suppliers to strengthen the ecosystem and inspire the next wave of innovation and growth. Participating startups will get access to 3,000+ global tech leaders to ignite conversations and build partnerships that scale. 

The Next20 startup are looking for startups working with technologies like AI, ML, 5G, Quantum, AR/VR, or no-code among many others to help address some of the following challenges:

Networks: Building a truly cloud native network that enables zero-touch automation

  • Leveraging network-as-a-service (NaaS) to simplify operations and streamline new service adoption
  • Cloud-based microservices architecture to drive ‘plug ‘n play’ approach to deliver agility, speed and scalability to develop and deploy new applications and services
  • 5G network slicing at scale
  • Manage and orchestrate services across multiple autonomous domains

Growth: Seizing the enterprise opportunity and future of connectivity

  • Creating new services at the edge and monetizing 5G
  • Bridging the capability gaps for communication service providers (operators) to deliver new services

Intelligence: Manage and extract value from data to deploy AI/ML at scale

  • Managing and governing data
  • Enabling AI and data-driven service assurance
  • Implementing and scaling AIOps
  • Protecting the customer: Data, security, and privacy in an age of analytics 

People: Becoming a leading industry for the implementation of ESG

  • Measuring and reducing the industry carbon footprint
  • Automation to improve energy efficiency
  • Fostering diversity, equality and inclusion to optimize performance, drive transformation to build the workforce of the future


Read more and apply: here

Deadline for Applications: 2022-07-29