Dec 01

Imagine, that you would like to go out for a date with the guy they know from Tinder. You will no way tell your parents or friends about it, but at the same time you want to stay safe and they want you to be safe. What shall you do? We created Triggle – an app with a timer, which will send a notification about your geolocation and the details of your current activity to their trusted contacts in case you won’t switch it. Before the event you add all the necessary information to the app and in case you don’t stop the timer your trusted contacts get notification via e-mail or mobile phone that smth happened.  Sometimes after a date you would love to discuss your adventure with someone. Triggle can help! We added a bunch of anonymous chats to the app so anyone could feel free to share the experience with the community. Safety is simple!You turn on the timer, enter the details, turn the timer off afterwards and then discuss your adventure.