Aug 01

In e-commerce, incoming call stream is a direct sales channel and the businesses are missing out on that potential revenue with every call that is lost. That is quite unique to e-commerce when compared to utilities, financial services, IT, where call center is usually meant to provide customer service (resolve issues, etc.).Yet, e-commerce SMEs are still missing 25% of their calls. This is because 90% of them are using standard VoIP solutions and the other 10% – generic cloud call center solutions. Both solutions give certain tools to manage call operations but none of them are actually solving the core problems: 1) missing calls due to the lack of human resources and 2) losing and not returning those calls because of the lack of tailored functionality/tools.We flipped the whole thinking and focused just on one target: how to make sure that small & medium e-commerce businesses capture all sales opportunities coming from incoming calls channel and that their call center operations are fully integrated with their business.Tellq achieves that by answering incoming calls and at the same time actively suggesting agents to return missed calls – our software calculates the most optimal way of juggling between the two tasks in order to provide the most efficient customer service. Our niche integrations with various e-commerce platforms reduce average call time, thus allowing the agents to answer more calls within the same time period.None of the companies that can be considered as our competitors have such specialized functionality towards the problem of losing calls. These solutions are usually too big and too generic, they do a little bit of everything. We feel comfortably positioned as a niche solution for e-commerce companies.