Jun 26

Ever wondered what to do when you are upset with the service at a restaurant, or have an idea of improving pharmacy’s customer experience or expressing thoughts about a locker room in your gym? What about a broken lock that nobody is noticing in your office building? Or something wrong in your beloved park? Social media too public, direct messaging too time consuming… and it stays in your mind or shared with your friends at best. Neither you nor organisations are happy.Well, you may breath easy now. It’s all about to change.Instead of making yourself frustrated, why don’t you take a 7 second pause, and make sure this situation becomes a result of efficiency for both parties: you and the business you want to improve at the very moment. SYPE – leave an insight. Download SYPE app, and make sure this platform absorbs every remark you believe an owner or a manager should see when it comes to the quality of service, products, and infrastructure to step up their game. Why? Because every proper and logical insight you leave on SYPE makes an owner or a manager get to know the smallest (or maybe not so small) elements directly. And don’t forget – by being responsible social actor, you become an essential part of every business/organisation’s life in your local community. Nowadays we are just too smart and too mature, to act alone. P.S. did we mention you have a chance to get a gift from an organisation for a useful insight? Well, you do! And they are surprisingly GREAT.For those with no-small-talk attitude: SYPE is a geolocation based platform empowering users to leave impactful feedback and giving organisations tools to easily apply gathered information.