Nov 06

Persius is a social media platform for people to connect with people across the world to promote and showcase their talent and get recognised by the best scouts in the industry. It allows people to build online courses for the skills they possess and lets people enrol for it all at one place. Persius is trying to bridge the gap between talented people and the people looking out for such talent, who register as scouts or people who want to learn new skills, who register as students. The same users can also register/promote themselves as Teachers and pass on the torch to students in different corners of the world from the comfort of their home. Hence, Persius lets people save effort, time and money and reach out to a wide number of like minded people as compared to traditional platforms like Talent Shows, etc., which are popular today owing to the fact that there are no other effective mediums. From stay-at-home moms to busy Corporate professionals, Persius lets everyone bring out their talented side. As per the market research results, 91% people believe they have a certain talent which they would like the world to know about, however, they feel, there isn’t any easy way to come into the limelight. Our basic, advance and premium level memberships provide people to avail various benefits on our website like connecting with their idols directly, participating in worldwide competitions, face off with another person, run live & interactive training sessions, gain number of fans for their work, etc. All in all, Persius lets Bharatnatyam & Kathak be as easily accessible in New York as is Ballet dance and Zumba. On the other hand, lets Mumbaikars learn Capoeira and Jiu jitsu as easily as Yoga. Persius doesn’t restrict the category one’s talent might fall into. From sports to arts to music, or anything that can be categorised as a talent is welcome at Persius!Join Persius today! It’s time the world knows your Talent!Persius has raised a funding of 5 Million Dollars for the development and marketing . This will be invested mostly in setting up the infrastructure and market development.Looking forward to the opportunity .