Disabled Enabled
May 23

The idea came from the natural need to plan your route. Partialrestrictions on free movement (disabled in the wheel chair,blind, deaf-and-dumb, mental disability) originating for various reasons (injury, nature, disease) compel to think about the need for a tool that let you toget know about access to where you want to be (a foreign tour, a trip tofamous places, museum,hotel, university, etc.). Such a toolwill allow people to avoid further inconvenience anduncomfortable situationswhen you need to get to the right place, but this option simply was not provided.Your city will be a place in the world with a unique and interactive system for the disabled spaces marked. For this example could follow cities all around the world, places, which planning to find a new client (theaters, cafes, famous tourist sites, ships, ferries, resorts …).