Nov 08

We were tired of not finding the right parts for our vehicles despite the proliferation of companies selling parts. We wondered if it were possible to find the right parts without even looking for them.

Well, in order to find the answer for ourselves and the many other people we believed would be attracted to a simple system we started the Bumfix project. With the modern, tech-savvy man in mind, the main principles of Bumfix are simplicity, convenience and an alternative way of searching for parts.

Our website is clear and simple, and queries are answered promptly; just enter a description of the required part and you’ll get an answer from the salesmen using our system.As well as simple to use the Bumfix system is also convenient. When you input your query about parts with information about brand, model and year, you reach not one but all the salesmen on the system who match your request. Then you just have to sit back and watch as the offers drop into your email box.

Bumfix also has advantages for the salesmen registered with the system. They can easily and conveniently control changes in their production and react to received queries. The system is unique because the salesmen indicate the vehicle brand, model, year and category of parts they have available and receive requests selected according to this information.