Bliu Bliu
Mar 16

Bliu Bliu is a simple and revolutionary system to learn languages, adapting to anybody knowledge level, personal language background history, interests, needs and passions.

When you login we ask you to input your native language and other languages you know. Based on this information, Bliu Bliu predicts what you can already understand and starts showing you content at your presumed level. Now all you need to do is mark words you can understand and the system will adapt immediately offering better content. We don’t have lessons about grammar: you get a personalized experience based on the words you can already understand.

Bliu Bliu creates a personalized flow of content, exposing you to real contents from the Internet (texts, audio, video), content with very few unknown words.Feeling CONFIDENT is the key in acquiring a foreign language and on Bliu Bliu we make sure you can always understand the message, understand what the specific content is talking about. We don’t focus on the single words but on the entire message, making sure that the unknown words are easy to understand from the context.

The experience is nothing like “studying”: you are always consuming content and enjoying your time on Bliu Bliu.

We launched our beta in April 2013 and we offer more than 100 languages to try out.
We have 52.000 users – some of them spending more than 2 hours every daily using Bliu Bliu.

What our users like about Bliu Bliu is the feeling of the experience: Bliu Bliu makes you feel confident, confident that you can understand more than you thought. Interestingly enough, the smart exposure we create for you, using selected content from the internet, magically makes it much easier for you to understand the reality in your everyday life, TV becomes easier to understand, newspaper, the reality around you becomes easier to decode after using Bliu Bliu.