Startup guide

How to start a startup?

There’s nothing standing in the way except yourself. Find a co-founder that can provide skills you lack. Talk to your potential customers, learn how to serve them better. Just start. Once your business is up and running, anything is possible. Also, this video might be helpful to you:

How to find product market fit?

Product market fit is a first step to building a successful venture in which the company meets early adopters, gathers feedback and gauges interest in its product. Check out this video to better understand the process:

Where to meet the right people?

You will probably spend more time with your team than with your family, so be sure you choose the right palls. Here are some ways of how to do this:Startup Fair, Login, Life Sciences Baltics, Build Stuff, Hacker Games, No trolls allowed, Sunrise Valley, Startup Grind, Futurepreneurs, BZN Start Events, Events @ Rise Vilnius, Events @ Technorama, Startup Grind Events, Game Jam, GameOn, Vilnius Tech Park Events.

How to raise money?

There are many factors that drive startup growth and one of them is the capital. Depending on what size of investment you are looking for, in Lithuania there are few raising scenarios:

  • Lithuanian business angels network ( for an early stage investment;
  • VCs for seed and later rounds (please find a VCs list here)

Watch these videos to better understand the process:

How to pick an accelerator?

The list of active accelerators in Lithuania you will find here. Also, two new accelerators will start in Lithuania from 2019 (more information coming soon). To think global, there are plenty of accelerators all around the world, to name a few: “Y Combinator”, “500 startups”, “Techstars” and others. Here is a video that explains how to choose the right one for your startup:

What makes a good pitch?

Know yourself, why you’re better, know your numbers and where you’re going.
In order to feel comfortable, watch this video:

What are the main startup pitching events?

Every major startup event has a pitch challenge. In Europe, we’d suggest you try yourself at: Slush, Techcrunch Berlin, Arctic15, Latitude59, Techchill, Websummit, World Mobile Congress and many more.