Startup Fair

Startup Fair. Recharge 2021

Last year brought many challenges to us all, but it showed how even in the most unprecedented times startup community displayed resilience, found new opportunities, and achieved success. So, with 2021 upon us, it’s time to use lessons learned to recharge and step into a better future.

We dedicate this year‘s Startup Fair to RECHARGE and invite all of you to recharge your mind and your connections by gathering together in Vilnius!

This year’s Startup Fair. Recharge 2021 event and all its activities: Pitch Battle, conference with many great speakers, B2B meetings, and other activities will be delivered over a two-day event!

📣 Follow the event here: Startup Fair. Recharge 2021 &

Startup Fair Pitch Battle

One of the main parts of Startup Fair is startups’ pitch battle where local and foreign startups have the opportunity to perform on the stage and present their businesses to the international jury and win special prizes!

MAIN PRIZE: an investment of up to EUR 100,000 provided by the members of the Lithuanian Business Angel Network LitBAN and the Co-investment Fund CoInvest Capital.

Feel free to follow all the information about the event on our “Startup Fair” Facebook page!

Main parts:

  • Conference
  • Workshops
  • Pitch Battle
  • Matchmaking
  • Networking events


  • 1500 attendees
  • 25+ countries
  • 200+ startups
  • 60+ speakers
  • 60+ investors