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MyAccelerator is the world’s first professional online Acclerator for founders and startups.
Experience, also confirmed by VCs, shows that 90% of all startups have deficits in venture building and investorreadiness. Therefore, the online accelerator ‘MyAccelerator’
was developed to offer founders and startups a 360 degree highly professional venture building at a low price. The methodology of the online accelerator has been used to build successful Startups and even Unicorns; it is now used in over 18 countries.

Completing the MyAccelerator program increases the likelyhood of fundraising.

GVI Investment Advisory, an international Investment Advisory firm with the mission to increase the success rate of startups, offers MyAccelerator to the Startup Lithuania community with an exclusive -20% discount for the first month.

How to redeem:
Register in the official version: and insert the promotion code: Startuplithuania