This Week’s Opportunities For Startups | March 7-13
Mar 07

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Unlocking creativity can be a daunting task; many of us might think we are not creative enough or that we are not the idea machines we are. What if you could unlock creativity through a simple process?

The Startup Ideation Workshop is a fun activity you can run with your teams to look for solutions or apply them in different contexts. Miroverse template will be used during the workshop.

This workshop was designed to spark creativity and curiosity. You will follow the ideation process of divergent and convergent thinking with a twist of fun. The objective is to show you the power of making unconventional connections.

Date and time: 9th March; 19:00 EET. Link to the event HERE

The DMZ and Pace Global Advantage (PGA) are kickstarting a nationwide tech competition in Lithuania. Together, PGA and DMZ will select 5 of the best tech innovators in Lithuania. One founder from each organization will win a trip with flight & a one-week stay in Toronto covered by PGA.

During the one-week program, founders will participate in workshops, program lead sessions, and expectation setting events, as well as one-on-one meetings. They will learn about the Canadian Tech ecosystem, Funding opportunities in Canada, the Canadian Legal landscape, HR practices. They will have multiple meetings with our Entrepreneurs in Residence who can advise on how to best grow the business in North America.

Read more and apply HERE Deadline for Applications: 2022-03-15

Fifty Founders Battle is TechChill’s annual pitch competition for early-stage startups. Fifty of the most promising startups from across the Baltics, Nordics, Central, and Western European regions as well as the rest of the world will be selected among all participants. Each semi-finalist will then have the opportunity to present their business idea on TechChill’s stage in front of over 200 investors and other attendees.


  • 10 000 EUR, no strings attached
  • Up to 10k worth of AWS credits

Apply here:  Deadline for Applications: 2022-03-18

The British Embassies in the Nordic and Baltic countries together with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK are proud to present a TechConnect initiative where we are inviting the brightest, most innovative and prominent Nordic and Baltic scale-ups within Greentech to join two half-day sessions in London. 15 companies will be selected to be coached through masterclasses, inspirational speeches, speed dating and have the opportunity to meet important stakeholders in the industry. We are connecting founders with UK stakeholders, experts, and specialists, to prepare them to take their business to the next level.

To read more and register for the event: HERE.

Program targets: micro-and small enterprises, spin-offs, and start-ups that already have a prototype or minimum viable product but do not yet have a product or service in the market (no income).

Opportunities: Validate your prototype or MVP in the market, enhance your knowledge and extend your professional network. 25.000 € smart money for Top 20 InnoStars Awards applicants to spend on travel and accommodation, individual mentoring, and training. Mentoring and Coaching Network (MCN) vouchers for applicants ranked between 21st and 35th with 4.000 € value.

Activities will take place: June-October/November 2022
Submission of applications: till 27-03-2022, 16:00 (CET).
More information:
Tamás Békási 

How do you ensure your price is not too high, thereby chasing your customers away or not too low, thereby leaving a lot of money on the table?

No one wants to end up in the SaaS graveyard. Yet every year, thousands of SaaS companies do. 🤷‍♂️ If you understand some basic concepts covered in this Webinar, you can avoid the most common mistakes startups make when settling on pricing.

Time:  19:00 EET; Register to the event HERE


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