The Story of Boop: A Journey through the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Program Powered by Plug and Play
Jun 07

In Vilnius, Lithuania, the Startup Lithuania Accelerator program, powered by Plug and Play, is nearing its end with an Expo Day event on June 21, 2024. One of the participant startups is Boop, an online marketplace for pet-sitting services. Led by CEO Deividas Celencevičius, Boop has gained attention from pet owners and investors. This post explores Boop’s experience in the accelerator program, highlighting its growth and offering insights for future participants. 

Boop: Starting a Pet-Sitting Service 

Boop was created to offer a reliable online marketplace for pet-sitting services, so pet owners can travel with peace of mind knowing their pets are well cared for. It wasn’t just about meeting a market need; it was about building a community for pet lovers to connect and support each other. 

Deividas Celencevičius, inspired by the dream of entrepreneurship, decided to join the Startup Lithuania Accelerator program. This decision led to significant growth for Boop. 

The Impact of the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Program 

The Startup Lithuania Accelerator program, powered by Plug and Play, has been instrumental in shaping Boop’s journey. Here’s how: 

Shaping the Scaling Strategy 

One of the most significant contributions of the program has been its impact on Boop’s scaling strategy. The mentoring sessions provided a solid foundation for developing robust strategies to scale the business. Plug and Play acted as a “sparring” partner, challenging Deividas and his team to think innovatively and push their boundaries. This collaborative approach led to the refinement of ideas and the creation of scalable solutions, essential for Boop’s growth. 

Access to Experienced Mentors and Inspiring Lectures 

The program’s mentorship component proved invaluable. Boop had access to experienced mentors who offered insights and guidance based on their vast experience. These mentors not only provided strategic advice but also acted as sounding boards for new ideas. 

Moreover, the inspiring lectures and workshops conducted during the program broadened the team’s perspective. They gained knowledge on various aspects of startup growth, from product development to market expansion, which was crucial for their development. 

Networking Opportunities 

Networking is often cited as one of the most critical factors for startup success, and the Startup Lithuania Accelerator program is excelling in this area. The events provided numerous opportunities to connect with other startups, corporations, investors, and partners. These connections opened doors to potential collaborations and investment opportunities that might not have been possible otherwise. 

Co-Investment Strategies 

Plug and Play are recognized investors, and their involvement in the program meant that Boop could shape its co-investment strategies with their guidance. This relationship has been pivotal in attracting more investors and securing the necessary funding for Boop’s ambitious plans. 

Looking Ahead: The Long-Term Benefits of Continued Engagement 

Boop’s journey with the Startup Lithuania Accelerator program doesn’t end at Expo Day. Deividas envisions a long-term engagement with Plug and Play, seeing them as an integral part of Boop’s growth journey. 

“Our dream would be having Plug and Play on Boop’s cap table, as a strategic move that can provide credibility and attract further investment”. The continuous feedback from experts within the Plug and Play network will help Boop navigate the challenges of scaling and achieving their goal of becoming a $1B company. 

Unlocking More Resources and Expertise 

As Boop continues to grow, every step will unlock more resources and expertise from Plug and Play’s extensive network. This ongoing support is crucial for addressing the evolving challenges that come with scaling a startup. 

Advice to Future Participants 

Deividas’s recommendation to aspiring entrepreneurs considering the Startup Lithuania Accelerator program is simple yet powerful: “Fill out the participation form and don’t question it! The journey might surprise you.” 

Expo Day: A Startup Showcase 

As we approach Expo Day, we look forward to seeing Boop and the other startups showcase their innovative solutions. For anyone inspired by Boop’s journey, the message is clear: seize the opportunity, join the program (the second batch is open until June 14), and embark on your own path to success. 

Join us on June 21, 2024, in Vilnius, Lithuania, for the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Expo Day. Meet the startups, witness their innovation, and be part of a community that’s shaping the future of entrepreneurship. 

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