A Sustainability Revolution Is Approaching Lithuania. How to be a Forefront Business?
Feb 05

Big corporates publishing sustainability reports, green energy Startups raising millions, the general public increasingly leading a healthier lifestyle and shopping for ecological, sustainably-produced products – all of these are signs of a sustainability revolution that’s approaching Lithuania fast.

Many companies have already witnessed the financial returns of sustainability: more efficient resources, better-managed processes, mitigated risks as well as engaged employees. As the journey towards that might require some specific knowledge – we are here to help with that.

With amazing sustainability coaches and experts, we invite you to attend the Evolve Conference 2018 on the 6-7th of March in Kaunas. Incredible speakers from the countries leading in sustainability – Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway and Sweden – as well as local sustainability professionals from Lithuania will share their practical knowledge and tips on sustainable business development, social responsibility, sustainability branding, customer acquisition and other topics that you can easily implement in your everyday business operations straight away.

The Evolve Conference will train you to understand sustainability strategy using a topic we all understand very well – food. While especially useful for the food industry experts, the approach will make it easier to engage with the topic for everyone else as well, no matter the industry.

Strengthen your brand, increase your profitability and be prepared for the challenges the future brings.

Who should attend?

  • Sustainability leaders
  • Hospitality and tourism industry
  • Innovators
  • Start-ups
  • Marketing industry
  • Brand managers
  • Food industry
  • Food & Design bloggers
  • Event organisers\
  • Students and educational sector

See you in Kaunas!