Roberta Rudokienė – a new head of Startup Lithuania
Oct 27

(Photo from personal archive)

Roberta Rudokienė has joined the management team of Enterprise Lithuania. She will head one of the company’s main teams – the start-up ecosystem Startup Lithuania team. In this position Roberta Rudokienė has replaced Rimantė Ribačiauskaitė, who decided to pursue a career in one of Lithuania’s start-ups.

“Creating a favourable business environment for new entrepreneurs intending to develop innovative and rapidly growing business that creates added value is one of the key activity areas of Enterprise Lithuania. We are going to put even more focus on this area next year. Currently, start-ups in Lithuania are not different from any other company in all respects – both the procedure of setting up a company and the tax burden. However, start-ups operate according to quite different principles and need a special business environment. We would like to thank the former head of Startup Lithuania for her valuable contribution to the development of the start-up ecosystem and wish her success in her career at one of the most ambitious start-ups in Lithuania,” said CEO of Enterprise Lithuania Daina Kleponė.

As Ms Kleponė pointed out, the new head of the Startup Lithuania team will continue the started work and will contribute to the development of a favourable business environment for start-ups in Lithuania, by applying the professional knowledge and work experience in the private sector.

“I am very happy to join the Startup Lithuania team. We will continue the started work as we seek to create a favourable business environment and implement projects aimed at promoting the development of the start-up ecosystem. We are going to focus on increasing the awareness of Lithuanian start-ups abroad and attract foreign accelerators and invertors. We also plan to intensify our work in the area of public education by promoting the development of new start-ups. The main objective of the Startup Lithuania team is to create the strongest start-up ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe, and I will strive to achieve this goal together with my team which is highly professional,” stated Ms Rudokienė, the new head of the team of the start-up ecosystem Startup Lithuania of Enterprise Lithuania.

Ms Rudokienė has an experience of more than 10 years in management positions, working at such Lithuanian companies as Siemens Arena, Vilniaus Baldai, the former Lietuvos Telekomas (currently – Telia). Her experience covers such areas as strategic planning, marketing, sales, project management, team leadership, and staff development and professional education. Ms Rudokienė has a bachelor’s degree in business from Vytautas Magnus University and a master’s degree in business from Kaunas University of Technology.