Registration for the international Mobile World Congress exhibition has already started!
Oct 24

The largest telecommunications exhibition will take place in 2023. February 27 – March 2. Representatives of nearly 200 different countries usually participate in the exhibition, and about 2,000 exhibitors have booths, including world-class brands Google, Samsung, Nokia, Android, Huawei and others. In the pre-pandemic years, the exhibition attracted more than 80,000 people. participants from all over the world.

Innovation Agency Lithuania organizes and initiates the National Lithuanian stand at this exhibition. Together with the Lithuanian delegation, there will be 10 selected Lithuanian companies, which will have their own dedicated places at the Lithuanian stand and will receive free tickets to the event.

There is probably no need to say what benefits and importance this exhibition can have for Lithuania and Lithuanian companies. It is for this reason that we encourage Lithuanian companies to actively register and take advantage of this opportunity!

More information and registration here:

Registration is open until November 11

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