Prizes in Hacker Games Will Make Your Jaw Drop
Feb 27

TeleSoftas ensures the prize. Photo by: LiudasBar Photography

Upcoming Hacker Games is just around the corner! The 11th hackathon of the annual Hacker Games series will take place on 2-4th March in KTU Santaka Valley, Kaunas. Our friends and partners have gone out of their way to make the competition exciting and hence have founded outstanding prizes for winning teams.

For the first time in Hacker Games history main partners of the event, TeleSoftas and Tesonet, joined forces to award the best performing teams with a total of 2000 EUR. 

“Our company has grown a lot in the past year – Tesonet is now home for 280+ professionals. Not only we’re constantly looking for new opportunities in the cyber security field, but also for the people who bring brilliant ideas to life. We’re on a mission to put Lithuania on the global IT map, so it only makes sense to be friends with the fellow companies in the tech community. The more of us here, the louder the word is. That’s why we liked the idea of geeky minds gathering together to develop ground braking ideas at Hacker Games. Sky is the limit when it comes down to the pitched ideas. And as a company that’s definitely something we can relate to”, says Eimantas Sbaliauskas, co-founder of Tesonet.

 Tesonet ensures the prize. Photo by: LiudasBar Photography

Tesonet ensures the prize. Photo by: LiudasBar Photography

Telesoftas  is also very pleased with this cooperation and hopes it will bring more value to the participants. “Today’s technology potential is huge and it exists seemingly within a hand’s reach. However, in order to bring about real change, we must first rely not on technologies but on each other. A person who is trusted feels both the freedom and responsibility, and is thus able to innovate. We are pleased to contribute to such an initiative that primarily promotes engagement and, once that is achieved, can lead to the most ingenious ideas,” says Algirdas Stonys, founder and CEO of TeleSoftas.

Algirdas Stonys CEO and owner at TeleSoftas. Photo by: LiudasBar Photography

Algirdas Stonys CEO and owner at TeleSoftas. Photo by: LiudasBar Photography

Since software development is the focus business area for both companies, the winners of Software track will be awarded 800 EUR, while the winning team in Hardware track and 2nd best team in Games track will win 600 EUR each.

Our friend and main partner of the event – an online review community Trustpilot – is also giving a generous 1000 EUR prize money to the team of any track for the best solution to their proposed problems.

The shower of prizes does not end here. For the 3rd year in a row GameInsight is encouraging innovations and game development in Lithuania by awarding 1000 EUR industry trip money to the winners of Games track.

Teams in our brand new Health track will also have something big to battle for. Our partners and initiators of Health track – Society of Innovative Medicine – are giving 1000 EUR to the team with the best product prototype aiming to solve a healthcare problem. Furthermore, they are also awarding Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Masterclasses tickets to the winning team in Health track. Best performing participants of the masterclasses will get the chance to present their ideas in a two-day-long Life Sciences Baltics 2018 event – the only international forum in the Baltics for world-class biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices.

Best part is that there are more prizes awaiting the participants! See the full list of the prizes below:

  • 1000 EUR for an industry trip from GameInsight for Games track winners
  • 600 EUR from Tesonet and Telesoftas for II place winners of Games track
  • Free exhibition booth from GameOn for the best Games track team
  • Two VIP tickets to GameOn Conference for each of 3 best teams in Games track
  • One year Unity subscription for best project created with Unity engine
  • 1000 EUR for the team with best solution for the problems proposed by Trustpilot (any track)
  • 800 EUR from Tesonet and Telesoftas for the Software track winners
  • 600 EUR from Tesonet and Telesoftas for the Hardware track winners
  • 500 EUR from Kaunas University of Technology for the most promising Hardware track product
  • 1000 EUR from Society of Innovative Medicine for Health track winners
  • Invitation to a two-day Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Masterclasses for Health track winners
  • Flight tickets to the selected destination from ADEO WEB for the most Creative team (any track)
  • Tickets to the boost camp ChangeMakers’ON for a team with the best social innovation
  • Driving simulation training and real outdoors driving experience from Simuliatoriu akademija for the best solution of their “Eye movement and position tracking” problem

A quick reminder: Hacker Games is FREE – food, snacks and drinks are also on us! The upcoming event will take place on 2-4 March in KTU Santaka Valley. All software developers, engineers, designers, hackers and everybody interested in creating something new are welcome to join. The event will start off with idea pitching and team formation, followed by a project building phase for the rest of the weekend. 

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