Podcast Technotronika: How Electric Scooters Became a Must-have Thing for Everyone?
May 13


The third podcast of ‘Technotronika’ is given to the topic: ‘How Electric Scooters became a must-have thing for everyone?’ Do electric scooters have the potential to change the way we look at ground transport in general? To understand and analyze the relevance of electric scooters from many perspectives, we have a guest representative – Ignas Survila. The CEO and Founder of „Unicorn Scooters“ who explains the benefit of micro-mobility for transport infrastructure and people.

During the conversation, Ignas Survila represents a few of reasons, why electric scooters became the necessity for nowadays person: people can reach or leave electric scooters almost everywhere that solves the parking problem. Moreover, a growing interest in the market makes electric scooters more affordable for everyone. Also, electric scooters develop micro-mobility that makes people choose alternative transportation instead of wasting their time in traffic jams. Ignas Survila reveals that a car is an excellent solvent for long trips from one city to another or further, but inside the city, it becomes a complicated option.

According to the research of big European cities, over 70% of car trips in the city are between 5 and 6 kilometers. Even more – between 2 and 3 kilometers. Knowing that distance of 5-6 kilometers is too short for driving and too long for walking, micro-mobility becomes a perfect solution.

Also, Ignas Survila says that in the future we can expect a transformation of transport infrastructure to bigger roads for micro-mobile transportation instead of cars.

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This podcast continues a series about the products developed by startups and how they change today’s society, habits, business, and culture.