Podcast Technotronika: Automatization Can Help to Keep Existing Job Positions, not to Reduce Them
Jan 16

The second season of the podcast Technotronika continues with a third episode. This time we dive into a topic about well-known elements of nowadays electronic industry – Robots. 

Justinas Katkus, the CEO and Head of Product Design of Factobotics shares the statistics of global robotization. “Non-standard solutions” perfectly describes the robotic system startup – Factobotics. Justinas explains the difference between robotization, automatization and how it can or can’t affect job positions of human experts in industrial companies?

During the conversation, Justinas shares two assumptions on why companies decide to implement robots into their business processes. Firstly, companies want to move less-important tasks to robots and give higher responsibilities for humans. Moreover, companies often can’t find enough competent specialists for particular job positions.

Listen full podcast here and find out more about expectations of robotization in Lithuania.

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