Podcast Technotronika: How Atificial Intelligence Changes the Medicine System
May 01

The second podcast of  ‘Technotronika’ is dedicated to the topic: ‘How artificial intelligence changes the Medicine system’. This time representatives of Lithuanian startup ‘Oxipit’: CEO and Founder Gediminas Pekšys, analyst Darius Barušauskas will present their startup idea of improving chest radiology workplaces by practicing artificial intelligence. Moreover, the owner of Affidea Lietuva, Vitalijus Orlovas will talk about the improvement of teleradiology nowadays.

During the conversation, Gediminas Pekšys describes the situation of nowadays radiology – small hospitals can’t afford to have radiologists, a lack of radiologists slows down the diagnosis processes, which can affect the quality of medical treatment. In this case, artificial intelligence becomes the right solution by reducing possible mistakes of diagnosis and improving the quality of medical services. Moreover, members of ‘Oxipit’ presents its product ‘ChectEye’ – tool, which increases reporting productivity by generating preliminary reports, allow more accurate differential diagnosis by the image-based search. This innovative and artificial intelligence-based solution produces mobility to the nowadays radiological workflow.

Find the full podcast here.

This podcast continues a series about the products developed by startups and how they change today’s society, habits, business and culture.