Participants of Startup Fair Pitch Battle are Announced!
May 10

Fascinating news from Startup Fair. Change 2019 – 118 startups’ applications from 25 different countries were received to the Startup Fair Pitch battle! Most of the applications were from startups of Fintech, Health Tech, Cyber Security, Saas, and Agriculture fields, the most dominant technologies: Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, blockchain, and IoT+Big data.

Only 3 weeks left till Startup Fair, so we are pleased to announce the selected Pitch Battle participants that are going to perform on 31st of the May!

Check the list of selected Startups:

21 Day Hero – a web platform, that transforms your health by helping you build healthy habits through 21-Day Challenges (Switzerland)

ACSIA – 4Securitas has developed a real-time cyber defense application that monitors and protects critical servers (Ireland)

AeroDiagnostika – developing UAV based aero inspection solution to help infrastructure owner  define problems quicker (Lithuania)

AgroPlatforma – B2B marketplace to connect grain growers and buyers to close deals online in Baltic’s and Europe (Latvia)

Amio – Amio unifies chat protocols for developers (Czech Republic)

Autom8 – autom8 provides super-fast and accurate source code security analysis enabled by machine learning (Estonia)

Biblosphere – a mobile app for reading people helping them to find paper books in the most economical and engaging way (Georgia)

BookOnTheGo – Innovative reservation application BookOnTheGo with intelligent consumer behavior model and AI (Latvia)

BrachyDOSE –  cancer treatment quality control tool to help oncologists to reach the best possible treatment results (Lithuania)

CalenDays – your key to achieving more while spending less time. Automate your workflow with a personal AI assistant (Latvia)

CHRG NETWORK – electric vehicle charging platform that connects all charging stations into a single network (Lithuania)

Cyber Struggle – a startup which provides the world’s most intense and the very first multidisciplinary cyber security certifications (Turkey)

Cyex – Develop cyber skills in action (Estonia)

Dear deer eyewear – New standard to buy glasses online (Lithuania)

Eddy Travels – an AI travel assistant that helps you find the best flight deals in your favorite chat app (Canada)

Evarvest Pty Ltd – Invest globally, like a local. A simple way to invest in the brands you know, love and trust, commission free (Lithuania)

FakesKiller – helping people and business detect fake news and use gamification to deliver quality content (Estonia)

FertereX – helps infertile couples to get a baby and save treatment expenses (Latvia)

HangaarLab V-Sight – develops Industrial AR Platform that helps enterprises increase productivity with wearable software (Turkey) – empowers consumers to own and control their identity while solving the ever growing fraud problem for businesses (Estonia)

Houseys – We maximize owner yield professionally managing apartments for short-term rent with our own and external tech tools (Lithuania)

Lastbit – We make it possible to pay for your coffee with bitcoin even if the merchant doesn’t accept it, securely and instantly (Latvia)

LAWTHIS – an on-demand legal services platform, where we connect clients with professional lawyers (Lithuania)

Ligence – Ligence is developing an automated 2D echocardiography software to help clinicians save time with AI (Lithuania)

Meazy – fully automated remarketing platform made solely for e-commerce, helping turn visitors into buyers (Lithuania)

MPT Pay – creates trust in every transaction between the Buyer and the Sellers in e-commerce 

OdinVision – Biometric identity management system for businesses and services which suffer from identity fraud (Estonia)

Chain-grow –  We are developing technology of growing plants in a controlled environment as a solution for the constant growing demand for healthy food in highly urbanized areas (Lietuva)

Popa boat – Popa boat is developing ecological, autonomous internal water transportation system for tourism (Lithuania)

Portal365 – a Grant Writing and Management system for NGOs (Lithuania)

Qpick – an AdTech that helps small merchants advertise effectively and allows shoppers to shop in Tinder-like style (Macedonia)

Rebartek – Rebartek programs robots for the construction industry thereby saving labor and cutting costs by 50% (Norway)

SAEPS – Affordable small bioreactors for small farms or households, which recycle organic waste and produce biogas (Lithuania)

Scan and Buy – We help offline retailers increase sales and cut the costs by applying mobile shopping user experience to the retail (Poland)

Scoriff – Scoriff provides a behavioral business credit scoring system, which can score any business even without financials (Estonia)

Sizzapp – transport monitoring solution that is affordable to every person who wants to make car experience safer (Latvia)

SolarGaps – The first smart solar blinds on the market (Ukraine)

Tausan Workshop – a company that develops robots assistants for people with mobility issues (Lithuania)

True Machina – AI software that creates inventions automatically, building the largest depository of novel technologies in the world (Belarus)

UAB GoRamp – GoRamp speeds up communication  between supply chain members in real time updating cloud (Lithuania)

VITS – VITS is developing a platform for Health and Safety Specialists to manage Health and Safety activities effortlessly (Lithuania)

WebTotem – a SaaS which provides powerful tools for securing and monitoring your website in one place (Estonia)

WiperSoft – €1 Pay-per-Fix anti-virus, allowing to pay only dealing with a real threat, instead of paying for software subscription (Lithuania)

WiseSoil – Visesoil UAB is developing cost-effective organic waste recycling technology (Lithuania)

Yellow Hammock – Yellow Hammock is developing intelligent automation solutions for Service desks, document management, and accounting (Lithuania)

In the selection of Pitch Battle applied startups from countries like Lithuania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Latvia, France, Spain, Belarus, United States, Canada, Turkey, Finland, Portugal, Norway, Estonia, Switzerland, Denmark, Ukraine, Georgia, Macedonia, Russia, Vietnam, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium.

More information about the event here.

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