Participants of “Startup Fair Pitch Battle 2021” Are Announced!
May 25

Great and long-awaited news from Startup Fair. Recharge 2021 111 startups’ applications from 17 different countries were received to participate in the “Startup Fair Pitch Battle”!

Less than 2 weeks left till Startup Fair, so we are pleased to announce the selected Pitch Battle participants that are going to perform on 3-4th of June!

Check the list of selected startups that will participate in the contest:

  • Aichoma mobile app for nurses to pair a smartwatch and monitor dementia, receive support in nursing and personal care. 
  • Airateonline wine merchant connecting wine lovers with independent winemakers and helping discover and try exclusive wines. 
  • AmioAmio decreases call center costs by providing pre-trained natural language processing (NLP) models, access to all messaging channels, and the ability to deflect customers to digital channels and self-service. 
  • Astrolight Astrolight is developing highly secure telecommunication systems for aerospace, defense, and governmental applications. 
  • Benmea revolutionary, all-in-one platform that will change the way organizations provide benefits to their employees. 
  • CogastroCogastro increases the productivity of sustainable proteins by providing insect farms a software that improves efficiency. 
  • Contribee a solution for content creators who want to get paid for their content easily, whether it‘s videos, works of art, non-profit activities, etc. 
  • EmplastrumEmplastrum is a medical device startup that aims to shift psoriasis treatment from hospitals and bring skincare treatment back home. 
  • EquuSightEQUUSIGHT is an artificial intelligence-based radiology diagnostics tool in equine medicine that can deliver an unbiased diagnosis in crucial situations. 
  • GETFIX a platform that unites freelancers in various fields. Register the problem and the foreman will arrive home at the time you specify.
  • ComeBack MobilityComeBack Mobility has developed smart crutch tips to control the load on the injured leg, combining AI with a simple hardware product. Smart crutch tips send data to a mobile app and compare the data to the doctor’s recommendation. The app then gives feedback to the patient.
  • IdooruIdooru brings celebrities and their followers together. People are able to browse through the list of celebrities and order a truly personalised video message full of unforgettable memories for themselves or their loved ones.
  • Poklet app to support parents educating their children about money management
  • Revolabthe app is designed to find out your blood counts without leaving home. From cancer screening to wellness tests, like vitamin, hormone, and heart health you will have the option to order your home test and track results on your phone.
  • Stackflows.coma data-driven business process management platform. Automate business process workflows with ease, get decisions, count scores, or risk rates.
  • Stem NFTStem NFT recasts the concept of digital non-fungible tokens, turning them into physical ones.
  • Chaingrowa flexible and scalable solution to cultivate plants with high profit nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Yuffi – Yuffi is developing virtual menus to help restaurants and their clients solve a long ordering process issue.
  • Contester Contester is a platform that offers innovative shopping experiences for brands to do better marketing, sell effectively and make a positive brand experience. They bridge the gap between innovative content and purchase decision with continuous communication via customer-oriented shopping experiences.
  • isLucidan innovative voice recognition tool that automatically transcribes online meetings, integrates into your favorite management software, helps you create actionable items, and shares outcomes.
  • mOintellect – an easy way to measure and improve knowledge of deskless employees
  • OXSICO Similarity CheckerOxsico combines a streamlined and effective plagiarism prevention service with an orientation towards organizations and institutions.
  • SitYEASitYea is a personalized reminder and advisor to help you remain healthy in your natural working environment.
  • WILD WEST CIRCUSthe new type of entertainments and education which transforms how we read, watch movies and play games.
  • Creator Academy learn modern skills online, get your community, follow an individual learning path and fulfill personal goals.
  • IMINT.AI a cutting-edge computer vision technology and service provider for the defense and security industry.
  • ZelkaaZelkaa accompany you in every step you take to analyze your mentions, know your audience and engage with them properly.
  • VideoShopping – Video Shopping is developing product for a looking for and buying through live video clothes and shoes.
  • FitQ Studio Tech tools for personal trainers. For building and marketing your trainer profile and get tons of new fans online.
  • Kumite Technology KumiteTechnology is martial arts tournament management software allowing participants, coaches, and spectators around the world to see live updates and follow their favourite fighters wins during championships.
  • VOW healthmonitor your health, talk to your doctor and get the necessary recommendations on one platform!
  • Bitskout Software platform to automate repetitive tasks by adding A.I. in minutes and without coding to project tools like Asana. 
  • Fabula – Fabula is a legal project management platform that automates menial tasks by integrating emails and document sharing. 
  • Legid Appa unique platform that brings quality, in-app legal consultations from top legal professionals, at affordable prices to people across the world. 
  • Levart App –  A traveler’s time-saving tool creating travel bucket lists, by matching the travel companions’ preferences
  • MyWonderbird – MyWonderbird is developing a platform to help spontaneous travelers to plan their trips easily with tinder like approach.
  • Ocoya – Ocoya bring together everything from content creation to analytics required to convert from your social media.
  • TXET invented the first neuro-symbolic natural language processing model capable of understanding context.
  • VITSAn online platform to manage health and safety processes in your organisation.
  • Zen Republic –  Zen Republic is VR entertainment studio, making innovative VR games and Cryptoart.

Applications were received from 17 different countries like Lithuania, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Georgia, France, Czech Republic, Belarus, Armenia.

These the most promising startups will have the main stage to pitch their ideas and compete in front of the influential jury: the investors, startup ecosystem experts, and the audience.

After the winners’ will be announced, they will receive the main prize: up to 100 000 Eur investment from Lithuanian Business Angel Network LitBAN and CoInvest Capital, cash prizes from Triniti Jurex for legal services, and prizes from Cloudvisor, an official Amazon AWS partner – cloud service credits.

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