Lithuanian HealthTech Startup NeuroEna Got €31,000 To Accelerate Product Development
Jul 09

NeuroEna, a Lithuanian HealthTech startup got 31 thousand euros worth of funding from the EU structural fund for the further research and development of the project. This EU structural fund is called “Inostartas” and is managed by MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation, and Technology). This measure is used to help young startups develop their highly ambitious solution prototypes. NeuroEna team has one end goal in mind when it comes to the business idea: help disabled people move without the fear that they hurt someone because of their involuntary movements. The NeuroEna project that has been approved by MITA is called “Prototype of dyskinesia reducing sleeves.”

By using artificial intelligence algorithms and various sensors integrated into discrete sleeves, which take movement input from the arms and shoulder (cingulum membri superioris), the device aims to detect involuntary movements. It is expected that during the project the prototype of sleeves created will be adapted to decrease involuntary movements in various natural situations without restricting reflexological and voluntary movements. The next project steps that are already in progress are to find enough volunteers to help with the data collection process and creating an optimal machine learning model architecture for distinguishing between voluntary and involuntary movement. The fine-tuning of the device and the ergonomic design of the product should then follow suit.

More about NeuroEna

NeuroEna is an innovative solution for those who have dyskinesia and various neurological disorders. It includes but is not limited to dyskinetic cerebral palsy, Huntington’s chorea, and Parkinson’s disease. Talking about the working principle, it is a costume with implanted transcutaneous electrodes and when it detects the involuntary movements using our algorithm, it blocks the abnormality out, effectively leaving only voluntary movements.

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