How eTOLLs EU is Revolutionizing Road Travel with the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Powered by Plug and Play
Jun 13

In the dynamic world of startups, finding the right platform to support and accelerate growth can be the key to success. eTOLLs EU, an innovative mobile aggregator that seamlessly pays all toll roads you encounter while driving, is a prime example of the transformative power of such platforms. Participating in the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Program, powered by Plug and Play, eTOLLs EU has witnessed significant growth and development. We had the pleasure of speaking with Taisia Yurzditskaya, COO of eTOLLs EU. 

A Journey Toward Accelerated Growth 

For eTOLLs EU, the decision to join the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Program was driven by the opportunity to leverage a global network of mentors, industry experts, and potential investors. The reputation of Plug and Play, with its unique approach to nurturing startups, made this an opportunity they couldn’t resist. 

The experience so far has been a whirlwind of growth, learning, and insightful encounters. In just a short time, they’ve seen tangible improvements in various aspects of their business. 

Taisia highlights, “We have been inspired by having the opportunity to speak and receive valuable information and insights from the most relevant professionals in the industry. These sessions have allowed us to refine our strategies and improve our project significantly.” Also, Plug and Play have been instrumental in helping them structure their knowledge in the business domain, providing a solid foundation for future growth. 

The program has introduced eTOLLs EU to Plug and Play Partners and potential integration opportunities. Taisia notes the friendly atmosphere where mutual help is prioritized over competition among the participating startups in the program. 

Tailored Guidance and Connections 

One of the most significant benefits of the program has been the personalized mentorship tailored specifically to eTOLLs EU’s needs. “The sessions are impressive and brought us insights we can use in our business,” Taisia shares. The opportunity to engage in one-on-one sessions with program managers has proven invaluable. 

Networking facilitated by the program has placed eTOLLs EU in conversations with potential partners and clients that would have been challenging to initiate independently. This supportive ecosystem has underscored the importance of being part of such an empowering community. 

A Call to Early-Stage Tech Startups 

If you’re charting your paths toward innovation and scaling your operations, you should know the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Program powered by Plug and Play is open now for applications until June 14. Sign up now 

Immerse yourself in the program to unlock growth opportunities. Make the most of mentorship sessions, workshops, and networking events to sharpen your strategies and connect with a wider community of thinkers, leaders, and innovators. 

In eTOLLs EU’s evolution, the Startup Lithuania Accelerator Program has been instrumental. For emerging startups looking to make their mark, this could be the beginning of an extraordinary journey. With the deadline for the second batch fast approaching, this is your moment to step into a realm of accelerated growth and boundless opportunities.