Give a Case Challenge to Students and Get Genius Insights
Aug 23

Have you ever been in a situation solving a problem, when you thought through every single scenario and the best solution was given by the outsider because he/she saw the problem from the different angle? Most of us been there. Sometimes the insights from other can make a breakthrough in the most complicated situations. So don’t miss a chance to submit Case Challenge from your company’s life, something that could make a huge difference in your daily work or increase your profits. Who will solve this Case Challenge? Young, motivated and ambitious Students of the MBA Entrepreneurship of Vilnius University.

What is a case challenge?

A case challenge is a real-life strategic idea (problem or opportunity) that a business or an organization (a.k.a. a social partner) is aiming to solve. The idea is strategic if the solution to it is related to:

– Developing a new product, or

– Developing a new service, or

– Entering a new market, or

– Developing a new business model, or

– Remodeling an existing business model.

All new ideas involve risks. To find a viable solution means to deal with risks, i.e. “to de-risk the idea”. You can de-risk the idea in various ways: pilot a prototype before the full roll-out; interview a group of customers before creating the final offer; make investments in phases so that not everything is risked at once; find some early wins that convince everyone that your idea is the solution; etc.

Why should you offer a case challenge to Vilnius University students of the MBA Entrepreneurship?

On receiving your case challenge, students of the MBA Entrepreneurship will be divided into teams of 3-4 people of diverse professional experiences. Each team will be given one case challenge. From October 2018 through June 2019, it will strive to de-risk the proposed idea in order to develop a viable real-life solution to it.

In the course of the 10 months, your company/organization will:

– Have an extra team: a group of smart MBA students working on your case for 10 months, mentored by experienced professionals;

– Gain new insights into your problem: the diverse experience of MBA students, as well as the contemporary learning material that the students will access, will generate new solutions;

– Reduce risks of a new solution: the methodology of working on your case is focussed on developing smart, reality-based risk reduction actions and solutions.

If you would like to give your case challenge to students of the MBA Entrepreneurship at Vilnius University, please, fill out this questionnaire (link: by September 3, 2018:


If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the Director of the MBA Entrepreneurship at Vilnius University Aiste Ptakauske (, T: +370 687 94500).