First ever hackathon in Kaliningrad
Feb 18

The startup virus is quickly spreading in the region and we have great pleasure promoting the first ever hackathon in Kaliningrad, our neighboring part of Russia.

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HackDay#24 will be held in Kaliningrad on February 22-24. The Event participants will get a chance to build a team, develop a prototype, attend a learning session and introduce their creation to the colleagues, investors and market experts at the closing of the Event. And all that within just a weekend! The official Event venue is Zelenogradsk School of the Future.

In February HackDay will be held in Kaliningrad for the first time ever. The city has neither an established startup community, nor regular events to support a creation of such community. The HackDay, therefore, is perceived as an important initial step in development of an IT-Cluster in Kaliningrad.

“The Kaliningrad IT-Cluster Project is focusing on creating favorable environment for further advancement of IT-companies able to successfully compete at the global level. To achieve that, the priority should be given to development of the local venture capital and startup markets and promotion of entrepreneurship among young professionals. We regard HackDay as a landmark Event for the whole region and possibly the most significant affair of the last several years in the local IT community,” says Yuriy Proskuryakov, a Manager of the Cluster Initiative of the Kaliningrad IT-Cluster.

Traditionally, programmers, managers, designers, UI/UX designers, market and PR experts as well as specialists in other fields with an original idea for an Internet project, but no team to implement it, participate in the Event.  This is where you will get an opportunity to talk your idea over with our mentors – renowned experts in various related fields, establish new contacts and meet prospective investors.

Introduction of projects and team building are scheduled for Friday. Both Saturday and Sunday are allocated for project development.  The most dedicated participants are welcome to work through the night.

Except working on development of their projects, the participants will be offered a training session. Speakers from Russia, Europe and the USA will talk about real-life situations, discuss what to expect after the project has been launched, and give an insight into the interface development for complex projects.

The Event will be rounded up with a Demo Fest on Sunday evening. This is when the developed prototypes will be broadcast online to a near-1000-viewer audience.

Participation fee is basically nominal as it is only 400 Rubles.

We are expecting up to 200 participants from Kaliningrad, the region, Baltic states, Poland and Belarus to engage in the Event.

The HackDay team and local hosts are not quite sure of the number of participants and significance of the projects that will make it to the Demo Fest. Chances are Kaliningrad has brilliant projects with great prospects of becoming global business some day. In any case, the output of the Event will be a sure indicator of the developmental stage of the local market and will determine a strategy and direction for its further evolution.” – says Evgenia Ovchinnikova, a HackDayRussia promoter.

Pay attention! The working language of the event is Russian.

Dates: February 22-24

Venue: Zelenogradsk School of the Future, 6 Turgeneva st., Zelenogradsk

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Promoted by: Michael Kechinov Web-Development Studio, TEDxKaliningrad, Global shapers HUB Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad IT-Cluster.

Our partners: Agency for Youth Affairs of Kaliningrad Region

Managers to contact: Mikhail Kulakov (Saint-Petersburg): +7 964 329 6771,

Anna Khan (Kaliningrad): +7 981 469 02 59,