DOUP scores 200 000 euros investmet for its new technical solutions
Oct 03

DOUP  is a new generation of business cards scores 200 000 Eur investment. The investor is a company registered in Malta, which specializes in the field of recruitment, has hundreds of team employees, and operates in countries such as Malta, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, and others.

“The investor was looking for a solution like Doup, for his business and employees. After analyzing the digital business card market, he was impressed by Doup products, our platform, and its functionality. Because of our advantages in the market, he was not only interested in becoming a Doup customer – he wanted to help us to introduce Doup solution to the whole world. So, he will be an active investor who will contribute to Doup not only financially, but also with his personal time, knowledge, contacts, team members“ – says co- founder of Doup, Mantas Michalauskas.

Investment for new technical solutions and team growth

First of all, the major part of the investment will be allocated to new technical solutions – improvement of the platform and app, new functionality integrations. Also, we are preparing to expand our product and service range, so the big news is coming up!

Also, DOUP will recruit new team members in sales, marketing and country manager positions, as well as take the first steps of Doup solution expansion into foreign markets.

Besides that, Doup will have a new business unit in Malta – this will help us to start trading in Southern Europe countries, also, our products will be produced in two different parts of Europe, so in this way, production and shipping costs will be reduced.

More about DOUP

Doup is a new generation of business cards. We have 4 different NFC products in our product range – bamboo and plastic cards, stickers and bracelets. Customers who purchase any of Doup’s products receive free access to the Doup platform, where they can create their personal account and choose what to display in it – personal and contact information, social networking accounts, page links, PDF, WORD or PPT documents, photos, videos and other key information.

Besides, recipients of the card can save all contacts to their phone with just one button, thanks to the smart Doup functionality. Most of our customers use Doup cards instead of business cards, however, the possibilities to use it are much wider – for some customers these cards even represent the company page, all thanks to the possibility to have a unique account link.