Digital Explorers. Join the Journey!
Apr 04


Digital Explorers, a career advancement programme for Nigerian ICT specialists, is also tailored to fit the needs of Lithuanian ICT companies, which will be able to benefit from global ICT talents joining their teams this summer.

The programme partners will make recruitment process smooth and arrange all necessary logistics, accompany and consult companies on successful integration of new team members into their daily activities.

Digital Explorers programme will not be limited to attraction of ICT specialists – companies will be invited to participate in business missions to Nigeria, to meet potential partners, and to participate in international hackathons and other initiatives helping to know the markets not only of Nigeria but also of other African countries better.

The programme is  implemented by a strong consortium uniting different expert fields, consisting of Enterprise Lithuania, Africa research and consultancy centre AfriKo, Nigerian technology park Ventures Platform, programming academy Code Academy, and Diversity Development Group comprised of mobility policy experts. ICT Association INFOBALT is consulting the consortium and contributes to the programme implementation.

Digital Explorers programme receives funding from the European Commission and benefits from support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

If you are a Lithuanian ICT company  ready to make new discoveries, we invite you to join Digital Explorers. In order to tailor the programme to your needs, we are eager to find out what type of digital explorer you are looking for. You can find our Partnership Proposal here and reach us at

Let’s meet and discuss what it takes to join the journey!