Baltic Miltech Summit Invites Startups to Demonstrate Their Ideas
Oct 24

Baltic Miltech Summit is the first and only event in the Baltic countries dedicated exceptionally for military technologies. High level public officials, representatives of companies in defence industries and innovative minds from startups, technology companies and many other enterprises will meet to brainstorm new ideas and to discuss the emerging trends in defence and military technologies. The goal of Summit is to explore the potential of collaboration and partnerships between defence and civilian sectors.

We are suggesting startups to take part in the demonstration area on the ground floor during the event. Each startup will have up to 30 min on the stage to represent their products or services, demonstrate a prototype, or show a presentation for potencial investors, governmental representatives, defense industry companies. 350 square meters, visible 270 degrees – from 3 sides with perimeter devoted for visitors. Projector and monitor will be located in top right corner of the demonstration area. Participation in this activity is free of charge. Registration:

Startups, R&D centers, universities, defense industry companies, investors and governmental representatives – all are welcome to join and share ideas on innovations, collaborate and develop long term partnerships!