A Map of Lithuanian Start-ups Ecosystem was Launched
Oct 28

A Map of Lithuanian Start-ups Ecosystem

Lithuanian start-up ecosystem is developing rapidly – there are already more than 900 innovative companies in the country, and new players are constantly joining the ecosystem with new tools whose primary purpose is to help start-ups grow. To prevent start-ups from getting lost in the abundance of tools and to make sure they can find all relevant information in one place, a map of start-up ecosystem has been developed at the initiative of “Startup Lithuania”.

According to Roberta Rudokienė, the Head of “Startup Lithuania”, a map of start-ups ecosystem is a much-needed tool that will allow start-ups to save time and choose the proper tools or services that best suit their needs.

“Every day we consult start-ups at various stages, and we notice that information on organizations or programs that are useful to start-ups is presented in a complicated manner, and plenty of sources often mislead innovative businesses seeking help. That is why we decided to develop a tool that is easy to understand and operate, and that will help highlight the benefits of each tool for the start-up, opportunities and other relevant information about the Lithuanian ecosystem”, – said Roberta Rudokienė.

The first thing that has to be done in this tool by the start-ups looking for help is to choose the stage of their activities and the program will automatically form for them a map of organizations and tools, ranging from the measures proposed by public authorities, accelerator programs, investor list to incubators, collaborative spaces, or so-called sandboxes.

Once they have selected the tool or service that is relevant to them, the innovative companies will be able to see the descriptions of each of them, their key benefits, to find out the start-ups, in terms of the area of their activities, targeted by the specific tool, to learn about investment opportunities and find the contact information of organizations.

Currently, start-ups can find as many as 57 ecosystem players on the map. This number is expected to keep growing.