2018 #SWITCH! Hackathon: SMART ENERGY
Sep 11

It’s no secret that technological advances affect all sectors of the economy: financial, insurance, telecommunications and more, these forces can also replace the traditional energy business model.  This year’s #SWITCH! hackathon will focus on energy challenges and the development of innovation in these areas.

SMART ENERGY HACKATHON will be a 24-hour event, where enthusiasts from different fields (programmers, designers, business developers, energy professionals, etc.) will share their ideas and create real solutions and products to meet the challenges of smart energy implementation.

Mentors and professionals in their respective fields will share their insight and experiences during the event.

Challenges solved by the Lithuanian Energy Digitalization and Innovation Team:

  • The inclusion of customers in the energy market. How and what services can customers provide to energy companies? Create your own ecosystem model!
  • IoT and Big Data. Lithuania is planning the implementation of smart meters in 2019-2023. Each electricity and gas meter will generate a data signal, consumption will be captured at 15-minute intervals. With over 1.6 million customers, it will amount to 6.4 million data signals every hour. What value can be generated from this data?
  • Blockchain. Which energy sectors could and should exploit the potential of blockchain technology? Suggest your own model!
  • The best e-platform for household energy consumption. What features should it cover? What services should be offered? Comprehensive data analytics? Service order? E-commerce platform? Design your own concept!
  • Digitalising network data. The Lithuanian distribution network is comprised of more than 120 000 km of power lines. Currently, they are physically inspected by engineers. How can we digitize this process? Satellite imagery and image recognition technologies? Using Smartphones? Submit your offer!
  • Don’t see a topic that interests you? Suggest your idea for the future of energy!

Sign up here till the 16th of September, 2018!

The prize fund is 1500 euros.

Even if you do not have an idea, but really want to join In we look forward to registering you.

Main SMART ENERGY Hackathon Info:

  • Hackathon will take place at this years #Switch! event on September 19-20, Litexpo Exhibition and Congress Palace, Vilnius.
  • It will be a 24-hour challenge, so be prepared to work until late at night, or even overnight!
  • There are many unanswered questions about your idea? Don’t be afraid! Experienced mentors will help bring even the craziest ideas to life.
  • Deliver a solution/product developed during the Hackathon to decision makers. The best ideas will be rewarded! The prize pool value is 1500 euros.
  • We will ensure that there is no shortage of food, coffee, space for sleep (if needed), fast internet and workplaces for teams.