Virtual Climathon Vilnius | Green Ideas for Green Tomorrow!
Nov 27, 18:00 - Nov 29, 18:00

World’s biggest climate innovation movement is back!
👉Registration is open until 24 November 11:59.
👉 Sign up here:…/vilnius/ideathon/…
👉Team formation: 24-27 November on SLACK.
👉Team registration & final challenge selection 27 November 20:00.
👉 Online ideathon: 27-29th November.
👉 More information:
#GreenIdeasGreenTomorrow #ClimathonVilnius2020
🌎 How can we build a more sustainable and resilient world in wake of the coronavirus crisis? Our home planet is spinning closer and closer to exceeding the 1.5 degrees global warming temperature. Climate change (crisis!) is not just on our doorsteps but has started entering our homes and cities.
While the world is under lockdown, there are some environment-related changes already, such as improvement in air quality, reductions in noise pollution, lower emissions of greenhouse gases. However, as economic activities pick up the pace, these improvements are likely to be reversed. Therefore, we need ideas to keep this positive change!
🌳 #CLIMATHON, the largest climate action collective of its kind is a global 48-hour climate change ideation that takes place simultaneously in more than 100 cities around the world. It brings together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them.
🚀 THIS #EVENT is perfect for people who enjoy creating solutions to complex challenges that have the potential to create huge positive environmental and economic impacts in Lithuania and abroad.

😎 During the event you will choose one out of the following #Challenges*:
1. Food Waste Challenge | Sustainable food systems: How can we reduce food waste in Lithuania?
2. Mobility Challenge | How can we make public transport more accessible in the regions of Lithuania?
3. CleanTech Challenge | What could be the ways to reduce the negative environmental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic while being very conscious of public health?
4. Sustainable Garment Challenge | TBC on 12 November.
5. TBC on 13 November
*They can vary depending event partners.
🎉 THE #PRIZE – The best teams will be able to develop their product/service further with the city and/or our private partners. In addition, winning teams will receive:
– Future mentoring to bring the idea to reality by EIT Climate-Kic Hub Lithuania & Partners;
– €1.000 cash for idea developing;
– “Pitch me over dinner” with key ecosystem players (when the timing is good);
– 3 months of free membership at TV3 Play startup hub at Vilnius Tech Park;
– More to come!
Sign up here:…/vilnius/ideathon/…
Organisers: Vilnius Tech Park, Climate-KIC
Main sponsor&partner: @Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania
Partners: Mobility Innovation Center, Cleatech Cluster Lithuania, more to come.
Media partner: All Media Lithuania
Event language: ENGLISH
The event is free of charge.
#Climathon #ClimathonVilnus