Tyrėjų Grand Prix: Application Period
Mar 19 - May 19

Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers (LJMS) invites doctoral students from all fields of science to participate in the “Tyrėjų Grand Prix” science popularization competition. It aims to increase the motivation of young scientists to carry out scientific activities of the highest quality and importance and to acquaint the public with the achievements of Lithuanian researchers.

The purpose of the event is to present the ideas of the dissertation research to the curious public and thus combine science and entertainment. The biggest challenge: PhD students from all fields present their research ideas and results in 4 minutes!

In the evaluation of speeches, priority is given to the ability to present the idea of ​​the thesis, the conducted or planned research and their methods. The best thesis idea in this competition is understood as the most interestingly presented scientific research. The quality of work presentation and communication (i.e. visual, audio, stage presentation) is also important.

Those who wish to participate in the first round of the “Tyrėjų Grand Prix” competition are invited to fill out the participant form by May 19, 2024.

Detailed information, conditions of the competition, contacts of the organizers and registration link (Lithuanian and English):