TechBBQ 2024
Sep 11, 10:00 - Sep 12, 18:00

One Giant Leap

In the face of fast-changing landscapes and mounting challenges – from extreme wildfires, heat and floods across the globe to the strides needed to overcome social inequalities and the urgency to restore peace amid conflict – our collective future hinges on the power of collaboration and innovation. The startup ecosystem is where that happens. It’s the founders, investors, accelerators and community players (and more) who are willing to think big, take risks and be the active change agents in shaping our futures.

“One Giant Leap” embodies that feeling of being a founder; a constant giant leap of faith in something you believe in. It embodies the spirit of unity, the transformative imxpact of converging efforts and symbolises our innovative efforts. We are inspired to remember that while our individual steps may seem small, together they amount to leaps toward innovation, sustainability, and equity. In a time of urgency, where our needs as people and planet are ever-evolving, we stand on the shoulders of giants – where every small idea and action can propel us forward towards a thriving and brighter future.

TechBBQ is a clarion call for the ecosystem to come together to learn from one another, celebrate our leaps and bounds and to understand how to make big change against the backdrop of our complex, changing worlds.

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