Tech Zity Radar #9: Ecommerce Hacks for 2022
Jan 25, 16:00, 17:00

This time on our radar is #Ecommerce

Tech Zity will host Greg Zakowicz, Sr. Ecommerce Expert, USA from #Omnisend and Viktoras Jucikas, Founder & CTO from #GenusAI – the skyrocketing Lithuanian startups which build world-class eCommerce marketing tools & technologies.


👉 Intro by the host Lukas Keraitis

👉 Keynote | Ecommerce Marketing Trends in 2022 by Greg Zakowicz | Omnisend

  • Email, SMS, and push message marketing trend
  • Difference between a segmentation and automation strategy & why it matters (another way to say it for maximum effect is ‘have we reached the end of the segmentation era?’)
  • Examples of new tactics for old messages
  • Is SMS marketing here to stay or a passing fad?

👉 Keynote | AI is the future of E-commerce by Viktoras Jucikas I Genus AI

  • Growing brands in the post-Covid-19 era
  • Personalised AI-generated Creative at Scale
  • Creative selection and testing strategies for your campaigns (without spending any budget?)

👉 Wrap up discussion & O&A

When? January 25, 16:00 (EET)

Where? Online stream on Tech Zity’s Facebook page, Youtube, Linkedin.

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