Sustainability Acceleration Program
Feb 26

📣🌱 Announcing Our Fourth Sustainability Acceleration Program!

We are thrilled to open applications for our fourth Sustainability Acceleration Program – designed especially for those visionary founders committed to shaping the future of our planet!💚

So, if you are an early-stage B2B sustainability startup combating climate change and passionate about creating a sustainable future this one’s for you!

Join the program and:
✅ Secure up to €120K convertible investment with potential €250K follow-on.
✅ Master sales and product development from leading sustainability mentors and experts.
✅ Join a thriving network of 350+ mentors, 200+ investors, and collaborate with 600+ visionary founders in your domain.

The program accepts the applications till January 18 2024 – Follow the link to apply and learn more about the program 👉

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