Students Hack Vilnius 3.0
May 11, 08:30, 23:00

Embark on a Journey into Innovation at Students Hack Vilnius! Join us to craft mobile and web applications that address real-world challenges specific to industries in Vilnius, Lithuania 🇱🇹!

What to expect?
Every product or solution starts with a minimum viable product. During a 12-hour hackathon, you’ll work on turning your idea into something tangible. You’ll have the opportunity to further develop your idea, find additional teammates, and/or test a particular functionality in your existing product. In 12 hours, you will receive mentoring and support to help you take a significant step forward with your idea.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Innovative challenges in tech industry
  • Great prizes from our partners
  • Compete on site
  • Free access to all learning materials from top brands
  • Get hired by our partner corporations
  • All teams of submitted projects will get a special certificate signed by our corporate partners
  • Networking with same minded people, mentors and judges

Who can participate:

  • Are fluent in English
  • Students from different educational background and educational level (bachelor, master)
  • Are digitally savvy
  • Want to either start their own start-up or business or are thinking of changing their career path toward digital entrepreneurship
  • Are team players and want to go on an adventure for 12h
  • Creators or teams up to 3-5 persons in the team

Date: 11th May
Secure your place: here