Startup Lithuania Goes Tbilisi!
Dec 11, 18:00, 20:00

Tbilisi, get ready – Startup Lithuania is coming for a visit!

Startup Lithuania team, joined by the Pan-Baltic law firm TRINITI and other partners, is coming to Tbilisi for the first time, to present and talk about startups in Lithuania, the ecosystem and the business environment, to make new connections, share knowledge and strengthen collaboration between Lithuanian and Georgian startup ecosystems.
Join us and listen to our presentations, but also share your stories, participate in Georgian Startup Pitch Battle and win an invitation to “Startup Fair 2019” one of the biggest startup event in the Baltics.

Roberta Rudokienė, Head of Startup Lithuania, presents Lithuania and its startup ecosystem.
Sigita Zulonienė, Startup Lithuania Project Manager, speaks about Startup Visa, simplified program of migration to Lithuania aimed at innovative businesses.
Romanas Rokas Klingeris, Lawyer at TRINITI, speaks about Lithuanian legal and tax environment for business.
Georgian Startup Pitch Battle. Participate and get a chance to win an all-inclusive invitation to Startup Fair 2019!

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