Startup Growth Strategies
Feb 22, 18:00, 20:00

Scaling startups is a complicated and difficult task, yet is an essential part of success. A growth strategy chosen in the early stages of business development can determine the entire fate of the business going forward, making knowing how to correctly implement one a direct line to success.

At our conference, top professionals, business owners and strategists will share their lessons, best practices and actionable advice to help make growing your business easier.

“Startup Growth Strategies” will feature 4 presentations from representatives and founders of different companies and a discussion on the application of creativity in business.

You’ll be able to hear 4 presentations at the event:

  • B2B Startup Strategy: Key Success Factors | Vytautas Urbonas, Ondato Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Algorithms or AI Tools: What Killed Classic Ads? | Ilja Popov, Founder and CEO, Doughty Digital
  • GTM Challenges: Overcoming Misaligned Market Expectations | Vytautas Majauskas, Marketing Strategist at Magoom
  • Public Relations – The Flexible Arm of Marketing | Adomas Šulcas, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Growth Bite

Discussion “Creativity in Business: New Strategic Opportunities” participants:

  • Evaldas Mockus, VP of Marketing, Omnisend
  • Paulius Šetkus, Founder and CEO of LemonHook
  • Simonas Naudžius, Head of Advertising, Rocket Science

Date and time: 22nd February, 6PM
Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, Gediminas Avenue, Vilnius