Pre-acceleration Workshop: Dive Deeper Into The Startup Guide
Nov 26, 13:00, 18:00

💻 Several months ago we have created an online pre-acceleration program called ‘Startup Guide’ to learn how to refine the existing idea and to create a value proposition for it, how to choose the right business model, select the markets for which the product is intended. Startups and their potential developers can also learn methods to test their product with prospective customers and partners, how to attract investment, and expand the business into other markets.
Going through the program you have found over 100 tasks in total, which cover different business development topics.
📎 Startup Guide program:

To get a better understanding of the program we are inviting all of you to participate in this upcoming workshop to get answers to your questions!
“Pre-acceleration Workshop: Dive Deeper Into The Startup Guide” online workshop will also consist of a few seminars from Startup Marketing Advisor Donatas Jonikas, PhD, and Kęstutis Morkūnas, Energy, Innovation & Startup Enthusiast at EIT InnoEnergy.

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🍬 A small teaser for those who will finish the Startup Guide program.
Some prizes await!
This webinar will have very rich content, so follow the news about it on “Startup Lithuania” Facebook page!